A Git client built right into Sketch. The plugin really improves the review process by exporting an image for every part of the design. Every member of the team can quickly see what the next iteration will change through Github’s interface.

From ... Ugly

... To Pretty

Each step of the design process is now documented. Newcomers are able to understand how we ended up with the current iteration and why we went with some options and not others.






For a more in-depth explanation of a nice git flow, check out this article.

Enabling Git LFS

Git LFS is an extension for git that enables a quicker way to push and pull changes that involve binary files, like .png and .sketch. It is not critical to using this plugin, but it may help maintain a healthy git repository.

Note: This is optional. In using the Git LFS extension, all contributors must have it installed, and the git remote (ie Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab) must have it enabled with sufficient storage available to the hosting account.

Start by enabling LFS for your repo:

  1. Downloading and install Git LFS to your machine
  2. Go into the terminal for your repo (through Sketch, Plugins > Git > Open terminal)
  3. Paste the following into your repo, git lfs install && git lfs track '*.png' && git lfs track '*.sketch' && git add .gitattributes
  4. Thats it. You need only run these commands once. Your team mates will have to download and install Git LFS onto their machines as well (so, just step 1).

Default key bindings

Action Shortcut
Commit your changes ctrl + alt + cmd + c
Push your changes ctrl + alt + cmd + p
Create a new branch ctrl + alt + cmd + n
Switch to an existing branch ctrl + alt + cmd + o

Git command behind

Client Command
Commit git commit -m 'message' -a
Push git push -q
New Branch git checkout -qb branchName
Switch Branch git checkout -q branchName
Add file to git git add currentFile
Init Git repo git init && git add currentFile